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On a world where a giant and lethal storm restlessly moves around the globe, people learned to survive in this cold, harsh and hostile environment. They are searching for the Refuge, a place where the Frost would never go. Inspired by deckbuilding games like Dominion, Ascension and the like, Frost is solo survival card game that puts you in charge of a group of people looking for the Refuge. Resources, weapons, ideas, dangers and regions are represented by cards, use them wisely! - Challenging survival deckbuilding gameplay, requiring anticipation, strategy and memory - Intriguing, immersive universe - Sloppy but graceful unique artwork - Hours of gameplay with difficulty modes, endless mode, Scenarios and cards to unlock - Dozens of cards to discover - Different characters with different abilities - Accessible and paced at your own rhythm, playable by all (some illustrations might disturb the youngest) - Made with love <3

Categories: Indie , Card Game , Strategy

Developed by Jérôme Bodin