Blacksea Odyssey

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The hunt is on! Get ready to battle colossal space monsters in Blacksea Odyssey, a savage, top-down rogue-lite shoot ‘em up RPG.

The greatest huntsmen in the universe have gathered for the Blacksea Odyssey – a legendary tournament that plunges competitors deep into the cosmic abyss on a deadly hunt for the most fearsome creatures that dwell within the void.

Categories: Indie , RPG , Action , Shooter

Developed by Team Blacksea Oddyssey

Critical acclaim

“It’s satisfying to then wrench it [the harpoon] back out, pulling a fin or a jawbone with it.”

Graham Smith, Editor-in-chief, Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“Space-whaling with total badasses on space-bikes chasing after the vicious space-fishies who will spike and claw you to space-shreds if you let up for even a second? Now that’s a proper challenge!”

James Cunningham, Hardcore Gamer

“You surf on a missile and use a harpoon to rip limbs off of giant space monsters in Blacksea Odyssey. If that doesn't pique your interest, then I don't know what will.”

Joel Couture, Indie Games