Word up! Letter Quest: Remastered comes to PS4 + Vita

13th May 2016

This spells the start of something new

Turn-based puzzler Letter Quest: Remastered launches on Sony PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this week. Use your words to talk your way through a tonne of spellbinding levels designed to test your dictionary knowledge!
Letter Quest
An RPG like no other, you’ll need to find counters to powerful enemy attacks like poison, plagues, stone tiles, spikes and health zappers that limit your options and force you to work against the clock to make it through each stage.
Letter Quest
Don’t fret if you’re not the local Spelling-Bee champion, three years running, Letter Quest: Remastered includes a wide variety of power-ups and unlocks to help you breeze through tough challenges and balance out your difficulty –┬ábut you’ll have to earn them – and spend them wisely!
Letter Quest: Remastered is out on PlayStation 4 and Vita on May 17th