Welcome to E3!

14th June 2015

Sunday 14th
Welcome to E3!
Over the course of the week we’ll be bringing you updates, news and photos directly from inside E3, the world’s largest gaming convention. From the quirky indies, all the way up to the behemoth AAAs, we’ll showcase the thrills and spills just as they happen, each day here on the Digerati Distribution blog page.
E3 may not have begun just yet, but we’ve already had a few leaks and announcements. Naturally, crafty publishers like to get their news out ahead of the competition, so it doesn’t get lost in the melee of thousands of screaming game-makers, each clawing over each other to show off their latest updates. This year, we heard from 2k Games and Bethesda with the early announcements of XCOM 2 and Fallout 4, respectfully.
But that doesn’t stop half the news leaking early by accident as Bethesda later found out this week when they streamed their showcase updates to Twitch, seemingly as a mishap. From the short period of time the stream was live, those viewing got a glimpse into what might well be Dishonored II.

Monday 15th
Another week rolls around and with it, more updates!
Last night, Bethesda created even more fuss ahead of the show with the announcement of a reboot to the Doom, franchise. You can watch the trailer, below.

With the final few hours rolled out ahead of us, we have just enough time to sneak in a few final predictions.
Last week, we saw EA announce that Mirror’s Edge 2 was in fact entitled Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.
Although she is not working on the game itself, the writer of the first game, Rhianna Pratchett, informed me on Twitter that Catalyst may well be a reboot, rather than a sequel…

I’m sure we’ll hear confirmation of that at E3, along with plenty of gameplay footage… and maybe a trailer?
In addition to the above, Microsoft will be keen to push the gaming benefits of Windows 10 and Xbox. I fully expect them to announce the first-party playable titles on the new operating system and demonstrate just how easy it will be for potential PlayStation users to jump right into Minecraft, Fable or Forza if they already own a copy of Windows.
minecraft fable forza windows 10
Finally, despite not actually having a presence at E3, I predict Valve will upset a few folks by making some announcements during the show. Valve are working heavily on the HTC Vive and the Dell Alienware Steam Machine right now and will be keen to get these products under people’s noses. One way in which they will push their hardware partnerships will be to highlight what they do best, their software. It might be a bold prediction (I had to have at least one) but I’m foreseeing Left 4 Dead 3 being announced mid-way through the show. They will show off the game running on their hardware – and demonstrate the thrill of the game in VR. Perhaps we could even expect Half Life 3 in Q1 of 2016… but nah, that’s just crazy, right?
virtual reality headset
Nick had some predictions but they mainly detailed how he would spend his time unchaperoned and free in Los Angeles…
Tuesday 16th 
The show has begun and we’ve heard tons of incredible updates in the conferences over the last 24 hours.
In no particular order:

  • Microsoft have announced backwards compatibility for the XBOX ONE. Utilising an emulator, the console will be able to run a select number of Xbox 360 titles, with many more coming later in the year. The feature will allow users to screenshot and snap other apps, simultaneously.
  • Microsoft also announced a new controller – the XBOX ONE Elite Controller – which includes a number of customisable accessories. It looks similar to that developed by third-parties like Razer or Mad Catz, but this is the first time we’ve seen something like this created first-party.
  • Sony announced a new 20th Anniversary controller and headset for the PS4.
  • The world of PlayStation will see a Final Fantasy 7 remake, the long anticipated confirmation of The Last Guardian and a final update to the Shenue story with Shenmue 3.
  • We saw new trailers for Mass Effect 4 (now entitled Mass Effect: Andromeda), Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst (as predicted!) and a new Hitman title.
  • DICE rocked the show with an hugely well-received Star Wars: Battlefront gameplay trailer. You can watch the trailer below.

Wednesday 17th 
Yesterday saw some interesting updates from Nintendo. Always the traditionalist, the company made sure to keep hands and legs inside the conference before setting off on with its show announcements after the ‘official’ start date.
Many fans were expecting news on the rumoured new ‘NX’ console, but Nintendo were quick to state they wouldn’t be discussing that today, thank-you very much.
They did, however, reveal a number of new titles, including; Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes, new Fire Emblem games and even a brand new Star Fox game, Star Fox Zero.
Nintendo also got its fans cooing wildly with the announcement of Yoshi’s Wooly World. But people were more concerned about buying the cute plush toys used in the announcement than the actual game. They also announced a Super Mario World Generator and a special edition 8-bit Mario Ambiio. Maybe they should just focus more on the collectables side of the business?
Thursday 18th
And so dawns the final day of the show! For Nick, it’s been a wild ride of meetings and memories out in the sweltering LA sun. Now time to bid farewell to the circus and board the plane back to normality!
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