Unexplored Patch News

12th September 2018

We’ve been awaiting more information on the upcoming patch for Unexplored, and have some good news.

The patch is now on its way for submission and and should hopefully roll out within a week.

Details are as follows:

New feature:

– The game will “auto save” after 5mins, but only when you go up or down stairs so it wont interrupt game play.


– Game being unstable when put to “sleep” and resumed later now fixed.
– Improved audio quality. – Stereo music now working correctly. – Audio panning for sound effects correctly working.
– New artwork for game background. – Fix for being able to break ‘Tutorial’, “Pray for Help” disabled during ‘Tutorial’.
– The game will crash if in the ‘Options’ screen or left on a ‘dialog’ for a few minutes.
– Twinstick controller message misspelled word fixed.
– Grammatical error in ‘Options’ fixed.
– The user was unable to combine flash of oil with weapons.
– When the user has no gold to purchase items ‘Rope’ will still show as purchasable.
– Editing controller bindings will cause incorrect button mappings displayed. – If the user sets the Use/Combine button it affects the user of UI prompts such as ‘Save & Quit’.
– It is not possible for the user to move the cursor into the corners of the map. – ‘Sword’ will be auto equipped in the ‘Tutorial’ when picked up.
– Crash fix for when picking up a “pile” of dropped items at once.
– Fix for pedestals not working correctly on occasions.
– ‘Staff’ now displayed correctly in shop.
– Fix for missing text when scanning dungeon elements (this what found by “Charlie” and reported on Discord).

If anyone has any questions, please head over to the official Digerati Discord at bit.ly/DigeratiDiscord and ask @George or @NephilmGS.

For more information on Unexplored, head over to https://www.digerati.games/game/22-unexplored for all the details, and store links!