A trio of new game announcements!

18th September 2014

3 incredible & incredibly different titles announced for PC and console by Digerati Distribution
The Sun And Moon (Releasing on PC November 14th)

The Sun and Moon, the winner of Ludum Dare 29, is a platformer with a unique mechanic: you can dive into the ground. Momentum is conserved but gravity is reversed, letting you fling yourself high into the air or deep beneath the surface. The goal is always straightforward – collect the three orbs in the level and jump into the wormhole – but spikes, endless drops and impossible heights make this more and more difficult.
Key Features
Dive into the ground – This unique mechanic preserves your momentum, letting you use the level itself to overcome a huge range of challenges.
Conquer over 150 levels – Run, jump and dive your way through levels spanning from easy to brutally difficult. You’ll need to both master the controls as well as think outside the box.
Non-linear level unlock system – Explore the game in whatever order best suits you.
Achieve Time Goals – Bronze, silver and gold times provide an additional challenge for even the easiest levels.
Minimalistic graphics – Straight-to-the-point graphics help you focus on the gameplay.
Music by Dubmood – A killer track that grows as you progress.
Daniel Linssen has been busy this year! See below..
See below for Daniels Achievements this year!…..

  • Ludum Dare 30 – 3rd Overall, 1st in Innovation, 1st in Theme for HopSlide
  • Ludum Dare 29 – 1st Overall, 1st in Theme, 2nd in Fun, 3rd in Innovation forThe Sun and Moon
  • Ludum Dare 28 – 3rd Overall, 2nd in Fun for Javel-ein (Jam)
  • Gameboy Jam 3 – 1st Overall for Roguelight‏

Joylancer (Releasing on Steam Early Access October 26th)

After 256 years of peace, the Roselian Army of Batrathum has risen up once more to attempt to reclaim the land of Antoria that they lost in the 43rd War of Darkness.
Threatening to start War of Darkness 44, King Lancelot Bartholomew Rosell of the Roselian Empire sends his beasts through the lands, corrupting and destroying everything in his path.
Refusing to hide from the incoming threat, a young recruit at the Motor Knight Academy named Joy Lantz leaps into action!
With the power of invincibility granted to the Motor Knights, and her powerful signature weapon, the hybrid motorized lance-drill known as the Joylance, Joy refuses to let anybody stop her from saving the world– not even the Motor Knight Academy itself!
Slain (Releasing in Spring 2015)

In Slain, the hero fights to free a land that is controlled by a number of towers. The game is played across two types of levels. Type one is a side-scrolling action based level. These levels contain plenty of monsters and areas guarded by sub-bosses. The character has various attacks to aid his progress through these levels and in some parts can change into a wolf/beast. Second are the main towers, these levels are vertical and are puzzle-based as the player must climb to the top, or descend to the bottom. There will still be fighting along the way but most fights will be part of puzzles. At the end of these levels Bathoryn will have to fight and beat the tower boss before moving onto the next area and tower.
The game is created using pixel art giving it a retro look and it makes use of darker imagery that contains gratuitous pixel gore. Within the game the player will encounter killer traps, tricks, and monsters and in keeping with the style of older video games, the game is very challenging.
Wolfbrew Games is an Independent Game Developer set up and headed by Andrew Gilmour, a 25 year game industry veteran. Andrew has worked at many AAA studios including Naughty Dog, 3DO, and Ritual Entertainment, where he has published over 20 games in his long career