Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition

The IGF Nominated Excellence in Narrative Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition has been announced by us today! Check out the trailer above and then head to Steam and wishlist it right now  Below is a little bit of information about the developers [bracket]games.
Bracket Games
[bracket]games is a pseudonym for writer and designer Zach Sanford and composer Neutrino Effect. They are focused on creating single-player games with meaningful personal narratives.¬†Zach Sanford began work under the moniker [bracket]games in 2012, designing and writing an (ultimately abandoned) platformer. Zach’s brother, Jon, who composes and records as Neutrino Effect, was brought on in 2013 when the abandoned project was re imagined as a Twine. The two have completed three larger projects, as well as several smaller experiments and prototypes.