The Story of Slain!

18th March 2016

Slain! is the dark and twisted brainchild of Andrew Gilmour and Asa Dang.
A metal head with over 25 years in the gaming industry, Andrew, has worked at a whole array of studios including Naughty Dog, Imagitek Designs, Gametek, Cyclone Studios, 3DO, Ritual Entertainment and Frozen Codebase.
An amalgamation of Andrew’s love for music and gothic art, Slain! was born from Andrew’s frustration with the lack of games on the market that really appealed to his artstyle and interests. Andrew chose to pick up the mantle himself and decided to build the game that HE wanted to play.
Asa’s résumé includes Saffire, Sensory Sweep, Frozen Codebase and Rockstar Games. Another passionate headbanger, Asa left the team at Rockstar Games to invest his time and expertise in Slain!.
The story of Slain! begins roughly 3.5 years ago, when Andrew officially started working on the project, but there are concepts dating back to ten years ago!
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Is Slain! still as close to Andrew’s original version today?

Things have of course shifted over time, as is the nature of any project of this size. Difficulty was a key issue and we have obviously listened to feedback from the play testers etc but Slain! is still very close to Andrews original vision.

How has the game dramatically changed across development? What’s been added/taken away or what worked/what didn’t work?

We’re happy to let the fans be the final judges on what worked and what didn’t. We’re super thrilled to see what the audience thinks of the final game here in 6 days, though. We know everyone is rightly very excited!
The development team changed a lot throughout production, however. Firstly it was just Andrew on his own, then Asa joined the game. Lastly, we added Drew, who originally started by simply helping out with promo work. The game also changed engines very early on from Construct 2 to Unity, for the sake of ‘next-gen’ pixel art!

Andrew Gilmour

What were the team doing before working on Slain!?

Listening to metal, being badass and breaking shit.

How did Curt Victor Bryant from Celtic Frost get involved in the project?

A friend of his (shout out to Nicholas) introduced him to the project whilst it was on KickStarter. Everyone connected really well and CVB said he wanted to help us out by doing the soundtrack. Naturally, we said fuck yeah and 12 months and 21 tracks later here we are! Check back for more ‘Ten Days of Slain!’ posts soon for an exclusive first look at the full soundtrack, and an interview with the man himself, Curt Victor Bryant.

Does Slain! include any nods to similar games?

Sure. Ghosts and Goblins definitely, a few Diablo II & Bloodborne references in there. There’s also a couple more we don’t want to give away but sure will become obvious when you see them!

Asa Dang
Asa Dang

What can the audience expect come release?

To die a lot and listen to some kickass metal, whilst looking at some of the sweetest pixel art they’ve ever seen.
Slain! is available on PC from March 24th. Visit the Steam Page now.
Console versions coming soon.