Seduce Me

So, after being pulled from Greenlight (for no good reason in our opinion) way back in 2012…Digerati have picked up the fantastically unique ‘Seduce Me’ from No Reply Games for full worldwide digital (and retail) distribution. This eroitc strategy game uses (real) card game & RPG mechanics to explore establishing & building human relationships. The painted artwork is beautiful (see below) & the storyline engaging, having to use your own wit and charm to craft bonds with 1 of the 4 (frighteningly life-like) in-game seductresses .
So, we ask…is it really ok for games like Postal 1 & 2, with the most insane, gratuitous violence we have ever seen to be Greenlit, and a beautifully crafted, tastefully executed title like Seduce me, to not even be given a chance to be voted by the community? Stay Tuned..we will be working on this!
Seduce Me
Game Info
Having chanced upon an invite to a wealthy socialite’s holiday home, you find yourself in the Mediterranean exploring a luxury mansion by the sea and meeting an array of characters. From Pietra’s flirtatious maid Esper, to the sexually aggressive divorcee, Cecelia, you’ll find yourself surrounded by temptation. Be careful how you act, the world reacts too.

Character Details
PIETRA. Rich, beautiful, celebrity socialite. She owns the house you are visiting.
CECELIA. An older divorcee. Sexually aggressive, confident, and on the look out for her next meal ticket, she lives on the fringes of the fashionable world.
LILIA. Cecelia’s daughter. A university student and a proper English girl. She was brought up in England by her upper-class father.
ESPER. A wild child. Officially she’s the barmaid and waitress. Unofficially her job is as eye candy and to keep guests entertained.
  • Erotic cut scenes
  • Lavishly painted event images
  • Game mechanics based on five real world card games.
  • Four seduce-able characters and ten supporting characters
  • Explorable Mediterranean mansion