Paranautical Activity Arrives on WiiU Today

13th April 2016

One of the rare games where ‘ghosting’ is a good thing, Paranautical Activity makes its way to the land of Nintendo, launching on WiiU today.

WiiU Paranautical Activity game
Screenshot of Paranautical Activity on the WiiU.

Famous for its ‘ghoulish’ initial start, Paranautical Activity was removed from the Steam Store at launch after the developer Mike Maulbeck was called out for flaming the games service platform. After launch issues where the title was incorrectly listed as Early Access, Mike took to Twitter to let off a little steam, and had the game banned as a result.
Flash forward to 2016 and Paranautical Activity is in a very different place! The game has been live on Steam for a couple of years and has received glowing critical praise. Never one to shy from a challenge, we at Digerati Distribution took the title and relaunched it under the Digerati banner.
Now, Paranautical is heading for WiiU. Combining classic Roguelike elements with fast-paced FPS action and procedural levels, Paranautical Activity is twitch shooter’s dream. Take on over 40 enemies with insane bosses, super fast gameplay and a pumping dubstep soundtrack. Use the WiiU’s second screen to expand the size of the game map and navigate more efficiently, boosting your score times, or simply use the pro or classic controller!
Paranautical Activity is available now on WiiU for $9.99