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if you are in the US you can pick up Three Fourths Home on Xbox One store today for $4.99. EU version coming later this month. The PS4 and PS Vita cross-buy version will be launching on Tuesday October 13th (also $4.99). Do you want to do another story….  

Get Slain! on GOG.com

4th October 2015

Gothic metroidvania puzzle-combat game Slain! is all set for release on Steam on December 9th. But if you’re looking for a DRM-free version, then GOG.com might be the place to go! Head to GOG now to vote and bring the brutal, gory pixel punisher to GOG.com!

Digerati @ TwitchCon

1st October 2015

We took Slain! and #KILLALLZOMBIES to TwitchCon! See below!  

On Thursday, ‘Highlands’ level from Slain!  was shown at the Microsoft campus [email protected] Pre PAX event with some great other titles! Here are a few pictures…

Bacon Bandits and Digerati are excited to announce that Letter Quest: Grimms Journey has been remastered and will be launching today on Steam (August 5th) at 16:00 PST. We are also pleased to announce all existing Letter Quest owners will be getting the Remastered edition for free.  Steam page –  http://bit.ly/1IpYdeO Trailer – http://bit.ly/1KR3sGW So, whats new? New ENDLESS MODE …