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Humble Halloweeny goodness

30th October 2014

A trio of new game announcements!

18th September 2014

3 incredible & incredibly different titles announced for PC and console by Digerati Distribution The Sun And Moon (Releasing on PC November 14th) The Sun and Moon, the winner of Ludum Dare 29, is a platformer with a unique mechanic: you can dive into the ground. Momentum is conserved but gravity is reversed, letting you …

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8th September 2014

Gothic platformer with awesome art, gratuitous pixel gore, puzzles, tricks-n-traps, and swords! #GamesBeatPitch pic.twitter.com/021HrQOqCH — Andrew Gilmour (@MrAwolf) September 7, 2014

”Orborun is one of the finest examples of a mobile-to-PC game to date” –¬†http://www.hardcoregamer.com/2014/09/07/review-orborun-pc/102783/

Ex Ubisoft developer & full time GameMaker tutorial creator Shaun Spalding along with Digerati are releasing the award winning, mind bending, brain frying, Another Perspective on Steam today @ 5pm! Whats it about? Well, Another Perspective follows the very confusing (!) adventures of a man who is looking for something that he can’t quite remember. …