Letter Quest Remastered Now Available on XBOX ONE

8th April 2016

Talk your way out of this one!
Letter Quest Remastered is now available on XBOX ONE.
xbox one letter quest remastered screenshot

Out now

Use the power of words to fight your way through monsters, ghouls and evil bunnies. Put your vocabulary to the test in each of the game’s 40 stages, which can each be played a number of ways, or try endless mode, guaranteed to leave you racing for your vowels and consonants!
If you fancy yourself a wordsmith, take on the special challenges including time trials, limited vowels, monsters with super-health and immovable letter tiles!
If you weren’t top of your English class, don’t worry – there’s a ton of great upgrades to purchase as you go through the game to balance out the difficulty!
Letter Quest Remastered is available today on XBOX ONE. Buy Now.