Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered out now!

6th August 2015

Bacon Bandits and Digerati are excited to announce that Letter Quest: Grimms Journey has been remastered and will be launching today on Steam (August 5th) at 16:00 PST.

We are also pleased to announce all existing Letter Quest owners will be getting the Remastered edition for free. 

Steam page –  http://bit.ly/1IpYdeO
Trailer – http://bit.ly/1KR3sGW

So, whats new?

  • New ENDLESS MODE – choose your favorite background art, music, character, weapon, and letter tiles and see how long you can survive!
  • 8 more achievements, now 60 in total!
  • Fully animated enemies and shopkeepers
  • A brand new soundtrack in addition to the original music – choose your favorite!
  • Tooltips during battle
  • Fully rewritten in Unity, allowing for a smoother experience, better resolution options, higher-quality music and sound effects, and much more!
  • Windows, Mac, AND Linux support
  • 70 quests to complete
    • A built-in dictionary of over 192,000 English words that is frequently updated
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