Joylancer – Out on Steam Now

Pick up Joylancer on Steam Early Access now! Try out the free demo….30% launch discount!

EXTREME MOTORIZED ACTION! THE JOYLANCER: LEGENDARY MOTOR KNIGHT has a large selection of local multiplayer components, allowing up to four players to play at the same time, in almost every game mode!
Get up to three friends in the action in the MAIN GAME by giving their souls to your weakened foes!
Cooperate with your friends to complete the mysterious DARK PALACE Mode!
Battle against each other in huge skirmishes and various duels in the MOTOR COMBAT mode!
We don’t want Joylancer to be just a single-player experience; our goal is to create an intense action game that can be enjoyed by yourself, with friends, or even at parties!
Over 12 different types of enemies to face, each one featuring its own strategies and special techniques!
Extreme Motorized Multiplayer — tag in a partner to have them take control of an enemy, OR fight with up to four players in the MOTOR COMBAT melee arenas! (Local / Offline)
The Dark Palace — Explore the mysterious palace containing a variety of combat challenges! Can you survive the many floors of the THE DARK PALACE?
Revised Life Systems — collect DIVINE TANKS to store extra life energy that saves you from peril!
Expansive Difficulty System — featuring a huge variety of difficulties for both casual and hardcore action aficionados!
Tons of Player Customization Options!
Single color action not your bag? Set the color layers to your own custom colors, or activate the colorful DX Mode!
Set a variety of different viewing ratios and fill out the empty space with our colorful GAME JOY DX borders!
Manually adjust what effects display on-screen, turn up / down the screen shake & hitstun slowdown, choose between multiple soundtracks, and more!
Joylancer is a game that is constantly growing and experimenting with new ideas, mechanics, and various touches that we make over development.
You can expect to see the following features to launch with the November 7th release:
Save ANTORIA CENTER CITY, home of the MOTOR KNIGHTS, from the threat of the Roselian Army! (AREA 1)
Make your way through the FOREST OF DECEPTION and defeat the beast corrupting the forest! (AREA 3)
Try to conquer 50 floors of the DARK PALACE! — Battle enemies, collect powerups, and try to survive with no continues!
Play with up to 4 players in MOTOR COMBAT! — Time Combat, Divine Combat, and Crystal Combat modes!
Six difficulty modes! — Enjoy unlimited continues, relax with generous checkpoints, or prove your skill under no continues and no retries!