GDC Announcement Rundown

16th March 2016

We’re here at GDC! While we’re making friends, showcasing new games and talking tech, the industry is bursting with new announcements! Here are our top three from the event so far –
PSVR imagery

  • PSVR

Sony have done it! Over two years since ‘Project Morpheus’ was announced, Sony are now ready to spill the beans on the PSVR’s final go-to-market specs and pricing, and it’s an interesting array. Running at 1080p, as opposed to the Vive and Occulus’ rather more impressive 2160×1200 resolution, the PSVR looks set to bring Virtual Reality to the console world, albeit with a few compromises. Despite the smaller resolution, the PSVR makes up ground with a 120Hz refresh rate, faster than the competitions’ 90Hz, and most impressively – a $400 price tag. Much easier to swallow than the Oculus’ $600, or Vive’s $800 weighty figures. Perhaps we’ll be seeing Digerati titles head to VR soon?

  • The 2016 Razer Blade

Hardcore peripheral manufacturers Razer have upgraded their ‘thin and light’ gaming portable, the Razer Blade. The new Blade sports the latest Intel Core CPUs, an SSD, a NVIDIA GeForce 970m GPU, 16GB RAM as standard and a glittering 3200×1800 ultra HD display.

  • AMD’s ‘VR Ready’ Radeon Pro Duo GPU

VR is talk of the town as AMD bring to the table the Radeon Pro Duo GPU, a high end graphics card that essentially fuses two lightning-sharp fuji GPUs together on the same card. AMD also called out the launch of the ‘VR Ready’ branding which will go on all products guaranteed to provide a simple and ready to use VR experience for the end user.