Digerati December Wrap-Up!

24th December 2015

It’s the time of the year when we sit by the fire, crack out the confectionary and catch up on our Steam back catalogue. But what will you be playing this year?
If you’re looking for something to grip you emotionally, educate as you play or simply just provide good old-fashioned score-beating fun, we’ve got the lot! Below, we’ve broken down six sterling Digerati titles, which just so happen to be in the Steam Winter Sale!
Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered

Want to stay productive over the Holiday break? Learn as you play with Letter Quest, the game that challenges your spelling in all sorts of ways with time challenges, fixed letters and combos!

Paranautical Activity
A new take on the classic shooter, set in a procedurally generated environment. This one will test those reflexes!

Reverse Crawl
Familiar with the dungeon-crawler? Think again. Reverse Crawl sets you as the defenders of the dungeon, trying to keep those pesky heroes OUT!

Vertical Drop Heroes
A procedurally generated roguelike, Vertical Drop Heroes gives you free reign over a wide range of disposable heroes, each with unique traits.

The Sun and Moon
A game for the player who wants to challenge themselves over the break, The Sun and Moon flips gravity on its head with physics and momentum-based puzzles.

Three Fourths Home
Nominated in the IGF for Narrative, Three Fourths Home sets players in the role of Kelly, a girl driving home through a storm in a multiple-choice dialogue with her family on the other end of the phone.