Arkshot Fires onto Steam

24th May 2016

Arkshot Out Now

Quivering with Excitement

Imagine a cross between the fast-paced arena shooters of old such as UT or Quake, and the crazy-fun party games you’ll play with your buddies over a beer, like Smash Bros. This is Arkshot, the latest title from banned-from-Steam / back-on-Steam developers, Code Avarice.

Armed with only a bow, available in a variety of aesthetic-only skins and designs, you’ll do battle with three of your friends in an all-out archery fest where speed, skill and a sure aim are all required to master the arc shot!
Played across 14 vastly differing maps and 5 gametypes (including Capture the Flag / Headhunter / King of the Hill etc), Arkshot challenges players’ ability to manage their stamina bar, which depletes during key actions like running, jumping or shooting. With careful control of stamina, you can find yourself more mobile and ready to sprint, jump or even knock enemies out of the way to get the advantage, stock up on arrows and land the shots you need to win the game.

Despite the arcade-like appearance, each arrow is ballistically modelled for excellent physics play. Arrows can bounce across the ground or off walls making ultra-fast reaction times vitally important.
Power-ups, found all across each level, offer temporary boosts in speed, bubble shields and decoys – all to be deployed at just the right time to get the edge on your friends.
Ideal as a party game or deep enough to invest hours, Arkshot is an insanely fun take on the twitch shooters of old, with a whole array of ideas of its own!